Getting a massage is one of the best things you can do to take care of yourself!

Massage Table at SOH 2012 (2)
Many years ago I worked full time in private practice as a massage therapist.  Although I am still licensed, my massage hours are limited and often booked in advance.

I use a respectful, client-oriented approach, and I specialize in back, neck and shoulder massage.  I offer onsite (seated) massage as well as full body (table) massage, Reiki, and massage therapy with essential oils.  Onsite massage is available for retreats and special events.

To schedule an appointment, or to set up onsite massage for your retreat or event, contact me.

Benefits of massage:

Benefits of massage therapy include relaxation, improved Health, improved mobility.
Massage therapy reduces muscle tension, mental fatigue, and can relieve emotion anxiety and depression.
It can improve muscle tone, improve range and quality of motion, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, relieve pain, and improve recovery time after surgery or trauma.  There is no substitute for human touch!

Reiki means Universal Energy. It was developed by Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1920’s.  I think of it as physical prayer or hands on healing.  People experience Reiki as warmth or tingling, and I have had many interesting experiences with clients who have experienced healing during a Reiki session with me.

Essential Oils are pure oils derived from plants.  They are a very old form of medicinal healing, rooted in the medicinal qualities of sacred herbs and resins of plants.  Today essential oils are mainly used in aromatherapy and massage treatment.  I use essential oils in some massage treatments.  If you are interested in purchasing essential oils for your own use, please let me know.