Unfinished Dialogues are short scripts which lead players into improvisation and help them to think on their feet in a conflict scenario.  Each kit contains two scripts for the players/actors. Additional instructions for the facilitator at included at the beginning of each book.

Book One is in English and French.  Book two is in English and is geared for adolescents.
$39.00 per kit.  To order, use PayPal.

Each dialogue sets up a conflict scenario of some kind for two players.  Each player takes a script and reads either part 1 or part 2 (the two characters).  At the end of the written script, the players are asked to continue the scene until it reaches a conclusion, with side coaching from the therapist or director/facilitator.

Players are encouraged to think about different ways of ending each scene, and to think about how they are presenting themselves within the scene.  Which player has the power?  Is this an argument the characters are likely to have had before this time? What happens if one of the player assumes the power in the scene, or acts meekly in the scene?  Is there a way for both of them to come to agreement?  What if some of the words are changed– from the Borrower, what if it were a car that was borrowed instead of a sweatshirt?  Or a credit card?

Unfinished Dialogues are tools for helping people to find their voice, to set boundaries, to practice speaking up, to practice being polite, and to explore options for navigating conflict.  Be sure to allow enough time for discussion so that all ideas are heard, and allow players to find their own resolutions to the scenes.  Some of these will be humorous, and some scenes may go deeper.  Additional instructions are offered in the first few pages of each script book.

Book One: English and French, Second Edition
with Blue Cover


Book Two, Second Edition, with Orange Cover